The pursuit of
honest design

Leisure is a collaborative of design professionals and artists in the fields of interiors, engineering, graphic design, merchandising, and environmental graphics. We believe successful design is non-denominational, embodying style rather than forwarding a particular style. We word hand-in-hand with our clients developing each project. Experience has taught us that informed design is in its heart about the end user.

The process of artistic problem solving

Leisure does not specialize in a particular niche of the design world. We believe in all design, from a corporate identity to a ground-up building, is the process of artistic problem solving. The same inquiries and experimentation involved in creating a piece of furniture are necessary in the design of a retail storefront. Leisure has focused on developing a process which results in innovative, transformative design. We work to actively blur the boundaries of traditional disciplines fusing interior design, behavioral psychology, industrial design, and graphic design. We strive to maintain a childlike curiosity as we approach each project. Our approach is defined by this inquisitiveness, coupled with the expertise that results from years of leading design from concept through fruition.By partnering with our clients in the design process, we can explore the true nature of each design opportunity. Leisure is dedicated to creating emotive spaces that reflect the philosophy of our clients and the embodiment of their dreams.