The Process at Leisure

Our process, at its very core, is a collaborative one. It involves collaboration with our clients, contractors, specialty fabricators and internal multi-disciplinary team. Before design begins we enter into a phase of information gathering and research to ensure we truly understand our clients’ goals and needs. Once those have been agreed upon, Leisure will formulate a design team suited to the project needs. As the process proceeds, our clients are involved in every phase of design. We never offer just one solution to the design opportunity, but rather multiple solutions soliciting client feedback at each turn. ?After the design has been realized we begin work on the final drawings from which the project will be constructed. We work with our clients in selecting a fabricator or contractor for their project and continue to serve them through the construction process.? By partnering with our clients from the research phase until the day the project is move-in ready we have achieved great success in meeting the project’s goals and realizing our client’s vision.